Ultrasonic Washer for Jet Engine Fuel Pumps – Case Study 20185

by bettereng1neer1ng / 12 August 2015 / No Comments


This company is a leading supplier of aerospace components such as propulsion engines, engine controls, landing gear, etc.  In addition to manufacturing new components, they offer repair and rebuilding services.

Parts Cleaning Problem:

The application is rebuilding jet engine fuel pumps.  In terms of cleaning, this is one of the most difficult and challenging applications one can find.  Because the stakes are so high, the parts have to be pristinely clean. Furthermore, the cleaning system had to handle large housings as well as a myriad of small parts.

The System/Solution:

The customer bought two (2) identical parts washing systems – Cyclojet 2 spray and immersion systems – and placed them side by side.  Special fixtures were made to hold the pump housings and special baskets hold the small parts.  The housing and fixtures slid into the same rotor.   The cycle includes spray, immersion, ultrasonic, rinse, and dry stages.