Conveyor Washer for Cleaning Battery Casings
Conveyor Washer for Battery Cell Cleaning
Conveyor Washer for Battery Cell Cleaning


This manufacturer produces Lithium batteries and battery systems for the aviation, medical, telecom, transportation, energy, and utility industries as well as for commercial users. They needed an automated system to handle their battery cell cleaning process.

Cleaning Challenge

The batteries being cleaned vary in size and are cleaned during 3 work shifts, 7 days a week. They needed a system that would be able to adapt to clean the different sizes (roughly the size of AA, C, and D cell batteries) and also be able to handle the workload.


The solution was a custom conveyor washer designed specifically for battery cell cleaning. The battery cells are placed in pucks according to size. The washer was designed to receive the pucks from a Flex Link conveyor and route them as required. The puck design is identical for all three cell sizes and is tooled to present the top surface of the cells at the same height. Cells pass through a 3-chamber wash station capable of rinsing the top and bottom of the cells with pressurized nozzles located on top and bottom of the cells.

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