Cleaning Bearing Races for Windmills – Case Study 21486

Custom Parts Washer unit engineered for precision cleaning of windmill bearings
Custom Parts Washer unit engineered for precision cleaning of windmill bearings


Cabinet Turntable Washer for Cleaning Bearing Races


This company is a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered bearings, alloy steels, power transmission products, and related components and assemblies. The company engineers precision bearings for large windmill turbines in the renewable energy industry and are cleaning bearing races during their manufacturing process.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

They needed to remove grinding coolant, grinding wheel debris, metal chips, and excess fluid from windmill bearing races. These complex parts have through holes and blind holes creating a challenge to get all areas properly cleaned.  The bearing races range in diameter from 65” – 140” and in weight from 1,000 lbs. – 8,000 lbs. each. The company needed a cleaning system that would be able to clean the blind holes along with the outer diameter of the parts as well as be able to handle the increased weight load.


In this case, the solution was an RD-14000-PCS precision cleaning system with a 145” diameter turntable for cleaning bearing races. The system has a custom “C”-shaped manifold that swings out and lowers over the bearing race to encircle it on 3 sides.  Moreover, the manifold underneath the turntable sprays the bearing races from the bottom to ensure that the parts are being sprayed with nozzles from all 4 sides for complete coverage.

Additionally, other system features include:

  • two high-volume tanks for wash and rinse stages
  • stainless steel construction with full insulation
  • vertical seal-less pumps
  • automatic water level controls
  • regenerative blower with sound shield
  • oil/water coalescer
  • steam exhaust system
  • central control station with PLC

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