Fuel Injector Parts Cleaning – Case Study 21780

Automated tumbling washer cleaning fuel injector parts
CJ-2 fuel injector parts cleaning


Automatic Fuel Injector Parts Cleaning


This company is a leading manufacturer of automotive air conditioning and engine cooling components and systems. Part of their manufacturing process requires fuel injector parts cleaning to remove chips and oils.

Cleaning Challenge

The company was expanding and needed new parts washers to integrate with a new, lean manufacturing work cell.


This CJ-2 cleans fuel injector parts to the highest possible standards. Particularly, this system cleans trays of parts since this is how they are normally handled in the manufacturing plant.

First, the operator places a tray (single or double stacked) on the blue conveyor belt and walks away. Next, the conveyor automatically loads and unloads the trays into the CJ-2 cleaning chamber, which can clean up to 4 trays per cycle. Then, in the cycle, the trays orbit in and out of the wash and rinse solutions, and progress through a multi-stage cleaning sequence which includes spray wash, ultrasonic wash, spray rinse, ultrasonic rinse, and drying. Finished trays queue to the unload end of the conveyor for pick-up.

Additional system features include a 1000kW ultrasonic cleaning system, automatic loading and unloading of parts, a regenerative blower with a sound shield for an automatic drying stage, a steam exhaust system, a sump tank and sump pump, an oil skimmer, a central control station with PLC and 10″ HMI.

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