Monorail Part Washer for Phosphating Compressors – Case Study 23685

Custom turntable part cleaning system built by Better Engineering


This leading refrigeration and air-conditioning industry manufacturer encountered challenges with phosphating compressors before sending them to their paint line. The phosphate chemistry destroyed their existing unit’s doors and other components, requiring a unit with closed chambers.


The customer expressed concerns regarding the ability of a part washer to effectively phosphate their compressors as the chemistry was aggressive and would often cross into other cleaning chambers. In response, Better Engineering collaborated with the customer to conduct a successful test cleaning of the compressors at the Joppa, MD location. A custom monorail system was devised to assist the customer in addressing their cleaning challenge. Better Engineering engineered a system to complement their existing monorail system, wherein the Better Engineering monorail washer was designed to position each part into enclosed stations sequentially. Subsequently, the doors were shut, establishing a closed-system cleaning process to ensure precise chemistry management and prevent aggressive chemical reactions..


Better Engineering collaborated closely with the client to develop a customized monorail system seamlessly integrated with their existing infrastructure. The newly designed monorail washer was equipped with an automatic indexing feature for each part and incorporated a sophisticated multi-stage washing process with closed-system stages. This innovative solution was tailored to meet the client’s unique requirements and enhance operational efficiency.

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