Turntable Washer for Cleaning Jet Engines – Case Study 20901

Turntable Part Washer with Roll-In doors for Aerospace Industry


Our customer, a prominent jet engine rebuilder, collaborates closely with leading jet engine manufacturers. Their commitment to quality and precision in engine rebuilding prompted them to seek improvements in their parts washing process.

The existing jet washer posed a significant challenge due to its inability to attain the necessary cleanliness levels. The primary issue revolved around rinse water contamination, where the parts retained excessive wash water, overwhelming the limited capacity of the rinse tank.


Turntable Part Washer with Roll-In doors for Aerospace Industry
Jet Engine Turntable Part Washer with Roll-In doors for Aerospace Industry

Our strategy involved a meticulous assessment of the current washer’s limitations and a deep dive into the cleanliness standards mandated by jet engine manufacturers. We pursued an innovative design, integrating cutting-edge technology for efficient water drainage. We designed an F-RD-6000-PCS jet engine turntable washer to help the customer achieve their cleanliness goals. During the fully automatic cleaning cycle, the parts are washed, air knives blow-off most of the wash water, and then the parts are rinsed at a 150 GPM. The system designed had a two(2) tank system with a 60″ diameter turntable and 60″ work height. The innovative design successfully addressed rinse water contamination issues, optimizing the use of the rinse tank and minimizing water waste.


Turntable Part Washer with Roll-In doors for Aerospace Industry

The implementation of the redesigned jet engine parts washer yielded transformative outcomes. The new design consistently surpassed industry cleanliness standards, guaranteeing the highest quality in rebuilt jet engines. Furthermore, the innovative approach to rinse water management successfully mitigated contamination issues, optimizing the rinse tank’s usage and minimizing water waste.

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