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Return-to-Operator Washers

Designed for Work Cells and Lean Manufacturing Centers

Choose from four different return-to-operator systems!

Better Engineering’s Return-to-Operator (RTO) parts washers are compact and versatile!

  • Super compact

  • Loaded/Unloaded from same point, either by hand or by robot

  • Four types of Return-to-Operator Systems:

  1.  RTO-1000 washers – have conveyor belts that take a tight U-turn inside the cleaning chamber.

  2.  RTO-2000 washers – have a powered vertical door and typically a dolly that rolls out of the cleaning chamber.

  3.  RTO-3000 washers – have a large turntable (50″, 60″, 70″ etc. in diameter) that hold several parts at any given time.

  4.  Custom RTO Systems – custom systems include units with rotors that have rotating, spinning action; multi-chamber systems, etc.

RTO-2000 Systems

Return-to-Operator Systems


RTO-2000’s are super compact spray washing systems. They have powered vertical doors and can be designed with wash, rinse and dry stages.

These machines can be loaded by hand or by robot. Options include:

  1. Stationary platform or turntable

  2. Roll-out dolly, manual or powered

  3. Precise positioning for robotic loading