Spline Shaft Washer – Case Study 21872

Spline shaft vibratory feeder on small conveyor washer

Small conveyor belt washer for cleaning automotive spline shafts

Spline Shaft Cleaning


This company is a leading American manufacturer of automotive electrical components, instrument clusters, power-train systems, and automotive electronic products. Major U.S. automobile manufacturers utilize this company’s products in their operations. One of the components they make is spline shafts, which are driveshafts with ridges or teeth that fit with grooves in a mating piece and transfer torque to it. They wanted a new spline shaft washer to integrate into their manufacturing process.

Parts Cleaning Challenge

They needed to remove chips and oils from the shafts after the milling process. They also needed a parts washer that that would fit into their existing work cell (between a knurling machine and an induction heating unit).


The solution was a custom, compact spline shaft washer with a 6″ wide conveyor belt. Side rails keep shafts aligned on the belt. The overall system length is only 70 inches. Furthermore, all wetted parts are grade 304 stainless steel with an insulation cladding covering. The system runs off of 110V power.

The customer’s pick and place unit automatically places the shafts onto the washer’s conveyor. The parts get washed, blown off, and then slide down a chute into the customer’s vibratory conveyor.

In addition, system features include a 75-gallon tank with automatic water level controls, a compressed air blow-off stage, a 2HP pump, a steam exhaust system, a NEMA-12 control panel, 7-day/24-hour timer, a digital thermostat for the heat tank, a variable speed controller for the conveyor belt, a lid interlock switch, and removable filter basket.

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